business districts, inc.  |  Operations Action Plan

If your community requires hands on support with many aspects of its commercial area, BDI's Operations Action Plan is a wise choice. Through its affiliated commercial district professionals, BDI will assist you in developing an organizational form for improvement of your commercial area and outlining its responsibilities and activities. It can help you develop appropriate budget, schedules and oversights and even provide you marketing and promotion support! Many communities find that once they’ve used BDI's Operations Action Plan in early development, they are able to assume duties themselves at a later point. The BDI Operations Action Plan covers:

  • Staffing the Organization
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Retention and Recruitment
  • Funding and Investment
  • Public Information and Support
  • Training
  • Public Input Surveys
  • Programs and Events
  • Facade Improvement Programs
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Security
  • Hospitality

If your commercial areas require com-prehensive operations support, BDI can provide centralized management––usually for a period of two years––including the elements listed above.